Lolita Fashion FAQs

Q. What is Lolita Fashion?
A. Lolita Fashion is a street fashion which developed noticeably in Japan in the late 90’s. Poofy, frilly dresses feature, with themes and motifs ranging from pastel cupcakes to crosses. More info here.  

Q. Do you wear Lolita often?
A. I wear it as often as possible, even to college!

Confused about some of the phrases, terms, and abbreviations used in Lolita Fashion? Don’t worry, here’s a list of commonly used terms so you know what’s you’re reading about, and I’ll be updating it whenever I remember something.

JSK – a dress with no sleeves, usually with shoulder straps instead (from jumperskirt)
OP – a dress with sleeves that doesn’t require a blouse underneath (from one piece)
Colourway – This normally refers to the colour scheme of an individual garment.
Ita – bad Lolita. Low quality clothing, clashing colours, anything that make a coordinate not Lolita.

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