Going to War-drobe – A Guide to Organising Your Frills

Wardrobe organisation is a pretty big job, particularly in Lolita. Each dress can take up enough room to house a small family, so space is a luxury in such a wardrobe. I’ve been doing a little moving around and selling of my pieces (to make room for more, if I’m being honest!), so I thought I’d write up a little guide for your yearly attempt to tackle that heaving closet. It won’t be easy, as the title suggests, but if you want to downsize, or just tidy your collection a little, read on!

“Move over” “No YOU move over!”

Do I Need To Keep This?
It’s hard to part with some dresses, whether you wore them to a special occasion, bought them from a friend, or, especially, got them as a gift. However, there’s no point in holding on to dress forever if it’s taking up space you can’t spare. I’ve started using a rule with my dresses.
Have I worn it in the last 6 months? If the answer is yes, it can stay. If the answer is no:
Am I going to wear it any time soon?
If the answer to this is yes, give yourself a month to get it on an outing, to a meetup, to anywhere, really. If you still want it then, keep it. If the answer is maybe, or no, then you can probably bear to part it with it.
It’s not easy, I know. AP’s Radioactive Cupcake print was on sale for very cheap and you snatched it up. “I’ll be the one to finally do it justice!”, you told yourself. Two years later, however, it’s sitting untouched in the back of your wardrobe, looking a little sad (and feeling lied to). “I could make it look good.”, you still tell yourself. You’re so convinced of it that you haven’t touched it since you bought it. Sell it on.
I’m guilty of buying pieces with the intention of repairing them, and never getting around to it, and there comes a point where you have to give yourself an ultimatum: Fix it or sell it.
Your first Bodyline monster. Hidden behind the Bodyline you actually wear, it hasn’t seen the light of day in a good few years, but you just can’t part with it. If you have the room to keep it, then do, and take it out for a chuckle now and then. If not, it might be time to let the old girl go.

Can I Make More Space?
By now you’ve maybe taken out some dresses you’re parting with, and you might find it’s still a bit of a squeeze in there. If your prayers to the IKEA Gods have gone unanswered, don’t fret. There are a few ways to make space in your wardrobe short of taking the sides off:
♕ Use thin clothes hangers. Those ribbon-wrapped, padded hangers might look cute, but they take up quite a bit more space than regular-sized ones. Consider investing in velvet ones, they’re thin and they’re non-slip.
♕ Remove detachable sleeves and waist ties. They don’t take up a huge amount of space, until you’ve got 20+ main pieces!
♕ Fold blouses instead of hanging them. I know some people like to hang up their blouses, but folding them neatly on a separate shelf can free up a lot of space in the main part of your wardrobe if you’re stuck.

Excessive Accessories 
I find that accessories, whether jewelry or headwear, build up very easily, and I rarely remember to sort them. Every so often, though, I take them out of their designated drawers and wonder “How on earth did I end up with all of this?”
♕ Part with duplicates. Yes, I know this Baby headbow has very slightly different lace to that other Baby headbow, but they’re both pink x white, and they’re both head-eating. What are you going to do, wear them both at once? (tip: don’t.)
♕ Part with wishful thinking purchases. I like to believe that this isn’t just something I do, but I’ve bought items to go with dream dresses that I don’t even own yet. I bought a navy belt with a gold star to match a print about four years ago now, and, no surprise, I don’t have the print, and I haven’t worn the belt once. Best to let it go.
♕ Find decent headbow storage. I’ve always found that headbands can be tricky to store. I used to hang them over the door of my wardrobe back home, but that was all fun and games until I wanted to close the door. A very pretty and very simple solution that involves the use of an old picture frame can be found here.

It’s only a start, but I hope it’s of some help to those of you braving the task. I don’t feel I could write a shoe or legwear section with a straight face, since I have a black tights hoarding problem and have far too many pairs of shoes!
Share your own methods, too!

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