Goodbye, Poupée Girl

Everyone’s known since the initial announcement in 2013 that Poupée Girl would close eventually, but the fact that we were left hanging for so long without a definite closing date gave me a little hope. Maybe someone would buy it out? Improve it and give a new lease of life? Of course, it was wishful thinking for something that simply wasn’t profitable anymore.1601265_10151838019688202_1702988825_n For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Poupée Girl was a Japanese doll dress-up website, with doll clothes that catered to a wide variety of styles, most notably Japanese street styles. Dressing up your avatar was fun, but a useful feature that drew many people in, myself included, was a wardrobe gallery. You could upload pictures of your real-life clothes, which is particularly fun if you have a Lolita wardrobe, get Sutekis (similar to likes) on your garments, and earn ribbons by doing so to buy clothes/accessories for your avatar. For a long time I was very deeply invested in Poupée Girl, never missing a day and getting ribbon bonuses for loyalty and such.
With the rise of apps such as Line Play over the last few years, Poupée Girl began to decline in popularity. It’s short-lived app lacked basic features, only allowing users to message instead of dress up, and its inability to impress through this medium undoubtedly contributed to its decline.
Admittedly, for an outsider, this all sounds very dramatic for a doll dress-up website, but I guess it’s more than the actual avatars. Poupée Girl was where many people found an outlet for their desire to wear Lolita, and most people getting into the style in the 2008-2011 period would’ve made an account. I started playing Poupée Girl when I began wearing Lolita, so obviously it was a very big deal for me. Despite this, I trailed off towards the end of its life, and I guess it’s easier to make a clean break with something like that.

rwerewrwer No, thank you Poupée Girl. Thank you for the hours and hours I spent on the site when I was making my baby steps into fashion. You will be missed.

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