Basic Clothing Maintenance Kit

For many of us, clothing care doesn’t go beyond washing and ironing, and that’s all well and good if you’re not one for fashion. If you find yourself, like me, with a wardrobe full to bursting, you’ll probably want to keep it all in top shape, especially those garments you’ve saved up for or searched high and low for. If replacing buttons and de-linting jumpers is on your to-do list, then read on.

1. Sewing Kit

                                                          £3.99, Amazon

You don’t have to have a sewing machine, years of sewing skills, or a huge selection of sewing supplies to sew on buttons, reinforce a seam, or pick off that ruffle of nasty-looking lace. Even a travel-size kit, as pictured, is enough to help keep your clothes sharp. Just make sure you have thread to match!

2. De-bobbler

                JML Bobble Off, €8.49

You might know this as a lint remover, bobble remover, or even a clothes shaver. Pilling, which is when fibers rub together into tiny balls on fabric, can make clothes look dull, worn, and old, and simply removing the buildup can make something look brand new. If you’re doubtful about its usefulness, have a look at my much-worn coat:

Before. Take a closer look at that pilling!

Before. Take a closer look at that pilling!

After, ta-dah!

                      After, ta-dah!

3. Lint Roller

                                   The humble hero of goths everywhere

Lint rollers are truly magical little things. They’re particularly handy if, like me, you have a lot of black in your wardrobe. I swear, black clothing attracts dust and lint like nobody’s business. They also work great on fabrics which gather fibres very easily such as velvets. The one above is available for €1 in Ikea, and they’re also available in Penneys.

4. Stain Pen

The best way to keep clothes stain free, apart from wrapping yourself in plastic, is by carrying one of these bad boys in your bag and catching common stains as they happen.

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One Response to Basic Clothing Maintenance Kit

  1. ravensnow says:

    This is a great little post. I didn’t even know they sold de-bobblers (I was always told to use disposable razors), but your before and after pictures are impressive. I would actually suggest getting two lint rollers: a big one for the heavy duty job at home before you leave and a small one that can fit in your purse. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always find that I missed some fuzzies as soon as I leave the house.


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