Fandom Lolita – Knowing The Line Between Fashion And Costumes

We all like things, right? Things are good, whether they’re tv shows, films, books, or video games. When we like things, we often like to incorporate them into our overall aesthetic, either with t-shirts, badges, hats, bags, or whatever it may be. With t-shirt and jeans, this is no strain, but if you’re wearing Lolita, that’s where it gets tricky.

Lolita Fashion can often appear costumey to the untrained eye, and can be difficult to pull off in even its most basic forms. It’s easy to see, then, how adding a “fandom” element to a coordinate can throw a whole look off, sacrificing the ideals of the fashion, namely elegance and/or cuteness, in the name of having the logo of your favourite superhero emblazoned across your bosom. Baggy t-shirts, 12-foot scarves, wands, and such props will generally make a coordinate look messy, costumey, and ultimately ita. Does this mean that Fandom Lolita is out of the question? Of course not.

Well... as long as you're not set on wearing these with your burando.

Well… as long as you’re not set on wearing these with your burando.

The key to a themed coordinate is to put fashion first. If you look like you’re dressing for a costume party or a cosplay masquerade, then you should probably leave the deerstalker hat or the Captain America shield at home.

Not tonight, Cumberbatch.

Not tonight, Cumberbatch.

If you’re considering putting such a coordinate together, take the following pointers onboard.

‣Treat it as fashion. Lolita is as much a clothing style as any other, wearing a petticoat doesn’t mean you should also have neon flashing lights on your head.
‣Keep it simple. The more complicated the coord, the more likely it is to look iffy.

Avoid like the plague:
‣Kitchy, tacky prints or accessories (etsy is a minefield of awful ‘Lolita’ skirts and dresses)
‣Clashing colours
‣Unnecessary props (if you wouldn’t carry it/wear it normally, leave it out)
‣Branding or logos


Kitchy Non-Lolita Skirt – Exhibit A.

I feel like the only way to finish off this post is with a good solid example of a themed coordinate, and as a Slytherin, what better theme to go with than that of my favourite Harry Potter house?

Elegant Gothic Slytherin

The above coord is far from costumey, with the small pin on the blazer being the only definite giveaway that it is, indeed a Slytherin theme. I’ve put in two pairs of shoes, a flashy pair and a toned down pair, because I couldn’t choose which to go with! Overall the coordinate is elegant, embodies a strong feel of the theme through the colour scheme and jewelry, and most importantly, is still very Lolita.
More really lovely examples of this approach to themed coordinates were posted to Baby San Francisco’s blog back in 2011 for the release of the final Harry Potter film –

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3 Responses to Fandom Lolita – Knowing The Line Between Fashion And Costumes

  1. David Flanagan says:

    love this and nicely laid out


  2. Chase says:

    Super well done. All the bad fandom “coords” I see make me so sad. The example is on point!


    • josiephone says:

      Ahh thank you so much! Bad fandom coords are so sad to see. I mean if you want to cosplay, cosplay, don’t call it fashion!


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