Picks from Baby’s Thumbelina Series!

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright have their latest print series, entitled “Thumbelina ~ Maia’s Wonderful Encounter Story” for reserve on their website, and oh boy, is it worth seeing!
Those of you who have been in the fashion for quite a while, or who have a love for older pieces will know that this is the second time Baby have released something with a Thumbelina theme, with the much simpler “Thumbelina” print being release way back in 2004.

"Remember me guys? Guys?"

“Remember me guys? Guys?”

Ten years has seen prints become much more elaborate than back in the day, and Baby have revisited the Thumbelina theme with a modern, detailed Lolita look in mind, but holding on to that classic, artsy storybook aesthetic. Shown here are the two colourways of the print not shown on the pieces I’ll be talking about.

oyayubi_hime-m-480x640 oyayubi_hime-iv-480x640


The first piece I want to talk about from this collection is, of course, one of the jumperskirts, namely the Type I.
B39OJ211-m-480x640While I’m not terribly fond of the front ruffles that have appeared on printed dresses in the last few years, this just feels right here. I think the chiffon trim on the dress gives it a much more of a floaty, airy feeling overall and ties the ruffle in much more nicely than a lace trim could.
B39OJ211-03-480x640The bodice of the dress is relatively simple and elegant, and the corsage bow is removable, so if you’re not terribly fond of having too much going on near your neckline, you’re safe!
The Type I jumperskirt will set you back around ¥ 28,944 (approx €212).

Secondly, the skirt of this series.
B39SK511-nWhile the JSK is elaborate, the skirt allows for the print to be worn in much more toned down outfits, since there are no excessive embellishments that would make it feel out of place with a simple cutsew and lower-poof petti. Wearability/10.
The skirt will set you back ¥18,144 (approx €133).

Finally, I’ve picked out the fanciest piece of this collection, the Princess Maia One Piece
B39OP309-p1-480x640Floofy doesn’t even cover it! Delicately constructed with shantung and organdy, this dress is just layers of princessy goodness. Words don’t do it justice, so here are some more pictures and closeups of various details.

B39OP309-03-480x640 B39OP309-06-480x640 B39OP309-07-480x640The Princess Maia One Piece will set you back  ¥49,680 (approx €365), and will also be available in an ivory colourway.

You can view the rest of Baby’s new collection, including two mystery bonnets, here: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/reservation/oyayubi_hime/

What caught your eye in this series?

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One Response to Picks from Baby’s Thumbelina Series!

  1. aimeeabsinthexo says:

    I love the print so much. This is what Baby does best. I would love one of the JSK’s one day. It’s something I want to work towards getting and fitting into.


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