“Fall In Love Princess” – Decadent Frills or Modern Lace Monster?

Angelic Pretty just released a new series onto their site, called Fall in Love Princess. As with any pricey release, it’s being generally well-received, that is, apart from one colourway that seems to strike fear into the hearts of many Lolitas…
…red and white.

The consensus in the some of the online community seems to be that the red colourway of this release is awful, a lace monster that has no place in the modern Lolita’s wardrobe, some even going so far as to compare it to Milanoo’s awful “dresses”. We know that it’s Angelic Pretty, so the quality will undoubtedly be rather high, especially for the price of the piece (the OP is retailing at 59,292 yen, about €410). The pictures of the JSK details show us the soft lace and chiffon trimmings, as expected, so why are so many people repulsed?

The answer is simple enough, but many people don’t even realise it, since it’s passively ingrained into us from our first educated baby steps into the fashion. We’re afraid of the lace, and for good reason. Most of the bad examples of Lolita garments we see are lace monsters, covered in layers of scratchy curtain lace.


               THIS is a REAL lace monster

Because of this, we’ve made the connection between bad dresses and tons of lace, regardless of the quality. Even the untrained eye can tell the difference between the picture directly above and the first picture in this post, but the kneejerk reaction is still there, even in many of the most seasoned Lolitas. The details on Angelic Pretty’s dress are to die for:


                                              That’s the lace I do like



See, it’s not as scary as the first glance might make it seem. The mental block we have surrounding dresses like these isn’t exactly detrimental to the fashion, but it is definitely annoying for people to dismiss them as ita simply because they have a lot of lace. It’s an OTT piece, it’s normal enough for them to have a lot of lace.  Personally I think this piece is gorgeous, and our deep-rooted dislike for lace monsters has become muddled and clouded our vision when looking at pieces such as this. Maybe people will warm to the lace again. After all, tights were considered ita when I was starting, so who knows?

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