NoveltiQ Triceratops Necklace Review!

Today, I present to you a cretaceous creation (see what I did there?) from NoveltiQ, a charming little Triceratops necklace! I’ll be reviewing the shop as a whole as well, since I’ve never ordered from them and hadn’t heard about them before seeing this necklace reblogged from their tumblr.

Right, nitty gritty first. Overall the order came to just over €15 including shipping, not too shabby! Shipping was very quick. I placed my order on the 25th of July, and it was shipped on the 29th. That might seem slow, but considering there was a weekend in there, that’s fairly decent. The parcel took only a week to arrive from the US, and it was packaged appropriately in a bubblewrap envelope. Overall, 10/10, can’t fault them at all!
Now, onto the rest of the review.
First off, look how cute the little parcel was!
To be honest, the little things like this give me a really good first impression of a seller/store. Going the extra mile to make even the parcel cute is so sweet! Moving on to the contents…
Even the bag INSIDE the parcel is cute

So here are the contents of the package all laid out, what a treat! The shop owner included, not only a ring as a free gift, but also little MLP and Lisa Frank stickers, some business cards, and a handwritten note thanking me for my custom, and informing me that I was their first order from Ireland! Now, onto the main event, the Triceratops necklace!

I’m a sucker for sellers with a sense of humour.

Just look at this precious baby! She’s a slightly richer shade of lavender in real life, and the photo really doesn’t do justice to her sparkles! She’s made from glitter-filled lavender-coloured resin, which means she’s not only sparkly and tactile to the touch, she’s also very lightweight. That’s great because, let’s face it, no matter how cute something is, you don’t want a pain in your neck at the end of the day just from wearing it (or a nosebleed if it swings up at you!). After wearing it today, I can confirm that the chain, made from the linked stars and pearly charms you can see above, and the plastic chain you can see below, is very comfortable on the neck, which is brilliant because discomfort isn’t kawaii.

Before I finish up, I’ll share a quick look at Babytops!

Get right outta town, that’s too cute.

Have you EVER seen such a tiny, sparkly triceratops? Of course you haven’t. He’s made from the same material as the necklace, and has a little adjustable ring part attached at the back:

wouldja look at that there.

For size comparison, here’s a family photo

“Smile dear!” “But muuuuuum…”

And of course, obligatory bad quality silly photo of myself wearing them!


That’s all folks! Overall, I really recommend NoveltiQ, and I’d definitely buy from them again! If you haven’t checked out their store already, you can do so here!  As well as kawaii dinos, they also sell Sailor Moon inspired accessories, some creepy cute themed stuff, and even have a selection of smaller items for under $3! Get on over there!

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